The market for independent fashion brands has widened over the years and has become a vital piece of fly outfit. Sure, you still see people dressed in the top designer brands, and that’s expected, but even still the demand for exclusive, yet stylish threads are at an all-time high. As a result, you’ll find people wearing original pieces from rising fashion designers. Here’s your chance to get familiar with Houston designer Huey and his brand No One’s Ordinary.

Huey describes No One’s Ordinary as the clothing for fashion risk takers and for people who are extremely confident with fitting in by standing out.

N.O.O’s latest collection of Puffer jackets and Clean Up Crew Fits will give stylish dressers the option to be exclusive, be different, and be fly simultaneously. It’s no secret why hip-hop fashionista Dej Loaf sported the khaki Clean Up Crew fit at one of her recent shows.

Below No One’s Ordinary owner Huey gave us in sight on his brand and the future of No One’s Ordinary. Check out the interview and visit for their latest release.






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Ayyyeee @dejloaf for @NoOnesOrdinary Welcome to the Clean Up Crew 🧽🧹 Yall tag her and tell her what up !🤘🏾 #DejLoaf #YellowWorld 💛


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1.Where did the idea of No One’s Ordinary come from?

2. Who do you make clothes for?
“I make clothes for people that like taking a risk and experimenting with their style.”

3.What are you looking to accomplish with this line?
“Just a fresh start of a consistent year of stamping the name “No One’s Ordinary” in people brains.”

4. What made you do the cleanup crew fits?
“Growing up wearing school uniforms I was a big fan of Dickies. I kept a starched pair on to sit right on top of my sneakers. This had some inspiration on my idea but it was a lot deeper. I got to be creative with it, which was fun.”

5. What kind of jackets are those and what inspired you to make them?
“It’s a denim puffer. I have two versions, a washed blue denim and a black version. I’m a big denim fan, and I grew to like bubble jackets. So about a year ago, I came up with the idea to mix them both.”

6. Did the wings on the back of the jacket set it off?

“For sure, the original samples I made didn’t have the wings, but the jacket alone was still dope. I still felt like it was missing something. I had already used the wings on different threads that haven’t been released yet, so I just went with it on the jackets, and it was a go.”


7. How difficult was it designing the pants?

“Designing pants is always difficult just because of the fit. Overall for me fitting is the most important, which is the reason I went with a waistband. I wanted to give people the ability to shape with their body. I still kept the belt loops which you don’t see often. The waistband is what helped make them more unisex so women can wear and look good in them.”

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8. With Houston’s weather being so bipolar, how do you know when to come out with winter clothes/ summer clothes?

“I don’t just make clothes for people in Houston, so that’s not what I base it on. I still do consider it because it’s where my core is, but I just go with the flow. I’ve been here long enough to know our winters start late her and we have cold springs. History repeats itself.”

9. How have the responses been since you dropped?

“Great! I’ve been getting a lot of action. People really like the pieces. It’s only been a couple of days, and I’ve connected with a few stylish celebs. I don’t want to ruin it by stating their names, but you’ll see.”

11. When you seen her preforming in the Clean Up Crew fit, what was the feeling and your initial reaction? 






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@Dejloaf Welcome to the Clean Up Crew ! 🧼 🧽 NoOnesOrdinary.Com


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12. In your opinion, on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate her fit?
“Ima give her a 10. The orange Cortez was dope cuz it remind you of school days with your dickies. So it took me back. Made me feel like I need to go grab a pair lol. But she was dope, it fit her like I pictured it would so over all a win.”

15.What is the future for No Ones Ordinary?

“The future of No One’s Ordinary I’ll say to keep being creative and making innovative but timeless pieces. That’s my main focus as of now. It’ll be a household name in the future.”