The rapping mailman, known as Oblivious Jones, is delivering more than envelopes and packages during the world’s Covid-19 recovery time period. Today the Missouri City native gave us insight on his state of mind on new track “Quarantine Thoughts.”

On the track, Jones creates lyrical scenarios that take listeners back to his troubling past. This transparency of this track provides an understanding between him and his fans because it gives us the context of his early life. In 2:36 seconds, he talks about what attributed to the hustling, to joining Crip, and to all the damaged he caused to people.

“Quarantine Thoughts,” is just what we expect from Jones, quality reality rap. The difference in this track is how open he is with his fans—no bragging, no boasting, and surprisingly, no many metaphors. Jones is open as a book on “Quarantine Thoughts.” Check out the track below.