Bootha, from the South West Alief area of Houston is letting his fans know how he came up in his new video “CUSTO.” In the short, but to the point video shot and directed by Ellivated Arts, Bootha uses his distinctive raspy rap voice to give credit to his customers or clientele for keeping money in his pockets.

He keeps it simple in the video, but while he’s chilling with his homies, he reiterates that because of his “CUSTO” he isn’t going broke. On the song he raps:

“Came up quick,…. Off a custo, lose my s**t like Justo, trust a b***h like what fo, clean ass kicks on 10-4. And we ain’t never runnin’ outta money, you ain’t never did no kick do, and we ain never runnin outta money, you aint never had no bankroll.

“CUSTO” is just the newest track from this SWAT native, if you want more of his music, you can check out his YouTube channel @Bootha SwatKidd and for more from this artist, you can follow him on Instagram @_Bootha.