A sound unlike any other, the beat that’s used, the lyrics that are constructed and used, amazes me. This artist, Ricco Swavaii has just released his new single Dr.Evil, on multiple platforms. Many artists from the city develop a sound based on the past legends, which often make it hard for them to “crack the mold.” Ricco Swavaii has successfully and completely broken that mold and destroyed all limitations that artists place on themselves from Clutch City. The buildup has you thinking that the record is going to be a possible R&B single, then in comes the hardest lyrics from Ricco Swavaii over the smooth piano, symphony and wind instruments. Plus, the beat enters with the into as well, but the cadence is different, making you want to listen throughout the entire way. The structure of the song is amazing! The single itself is a mixture of Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop. An artist who’s breaking hits like this early in his career, only means that the album in the making is going be pure fire.

Click on the link to listen.