(Article) Remember DJ Screw


By:  @luvitmaine of Houston TREND

On this day, 11 years ago, Houston lost a major figure in the music scene. Robert Earl Davis also known as Dj Screw, died from a codeine overdose in addition to other mixed narcotics.

Dj Screw was known in the Houston hip-hop community for his mixtapes and his now famous Chopped and Screwed sound where he would drop the pitch to a song making it sound slower. This style of music not only changed a Houston sub-culture but would later on become a major influence to some huge names in the Hip-Hop scene of today.

Screw help the careers of other Houston rappers with his mixtapes as well, such as Fat Pat, Lil Keke, Big Moe, ESG, Lil Flip, and other Screwed Up Click members. He even inspired other Djs in Houston like Michael “5000” Watts to start releasing their on screw mixtapes.

So in honor of the late Dj Screw, we are going to feature some of his “grey tape” classics.