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Written By: Ms. Niki of Houston TREND

Who is Simone Skye? Well if her name didn’t already capture your attention, then her angelic voice is sure to engage you. Not only a singer, but a song-writer, rapper and dancer, Simone Skye is a fresh cross between R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop, the way she effortlessly transitions between rhythms, keeping her audience of listeners unexpectedly on their toes.

IMG_0616 raw smallThe Detroit native, now residing in Houston, released her first official mixtape last year, entitled Who is Simone Skye, acquainting civilians to her sound, her style and her journey. “Who is Simone Skye was an introduction for other people, but also an introduction as an artist to myself,” says Simone. Cultivating a melting pot of everything from slow ballads to upbeat tempos into her composition, allows Simone to be adequately equated with being a rising entity on the independent scene in the near future.

She is featured on many songs with Houston artists, worked with super producer Cy Fyre and is receiving radio play on underground stations in Houston. The versatility in her music, quickly shuts down any presumptions of being categorized as just another female singer and realizations of a natural talent and rising star are fashioned.

Simone has always shared a passion for writing. She wrote her first song in 3rd grade and it was through writing that she excelled in her craft, before fostering the courage to sing. Growing up in Detroit, the gospel mecca, Simone doubted her ability to be a singer because her voice didn’t embody the gospel manner. “If you didn’t have a gospel voice they didn’t really respect you as much,” tells Simone. Book smart and intelligent, Simone attended Hampton University where she eventually veered into singing, but would first have to conquer her stage fright. Simone explains, “I wouldn’t sing in front of people unless it was my family or friends. Poetry I could do in front of thousands, but not singing. I would be completely frozen with fear. I was afraid that people wanted me to sound bad. So, I started singing at bus stops and after receiving compliments from strangers, I realized that people don’t want you to sound bad. A lot of people are afraid to do things because they think people want them to fail, but the majority of people don’t.”

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Focusing on writing, making more music and her next project, Simone is taking in all the values she’s learned thus far and dedicated to keeping her music inimitable. “Fans are everything. When you get the people that want to listen, it’s about keeping them. I have to be able to keep their attention long enough for them to hear the next song and that next song has to be better than the last song, so they will know that I’m still just as good as when they first heard my music,” says Simone.

Expect more depth and a deeper insight into Simone as an artist in the future, whether she’s singing, writing, dancing, producing or entertaining with her animated personality and taking her time in the process. “A lot of people rush themselves. I want to give people time to get to know me,” she says. There is no doubt that Simone’s talent will keep you engrossed, but her passion will sing volumes. “I think the difference a lot of the time is my passion and the ability to work hard.” ♥

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