Kardhiac’s Take: NBA Final Four

Written By: Kardhiac


Well ladies and gentlemen, the NBA Final Four has been set and it has been a long road. However, the Journey for these four rugged teams has only just begun. The games will now only get more intense and only the strong will survive long enough to claim the title as 2012-2013 NBA Champions. As always the Houston sports guru has made some predictions, some you may agree with some you may not but as always they will be entertaining.

Western Conference Finals: San Antonio Spurs VS. Memphis Grizzlies

This will be a certified classic bout between these two teams. Both are blue collar, hard-nosed teams that have made it this far by having stifling defense. I believe this series will come down to coaching, the experience or lack thereof in the case of the Grizzlies. This will be another day in the office for the Spurs. No disrespect to those Memphis boys but San Antonio is battle tested and knows how to handle this big stage. Ultimately, I think at this stage of the game it will fair to be too much for the “Grizz” to handle. Furthermore, the Spurs have a bit of an edge to them in this series. Just 2 years ago the #8 seed Grizzlies upset the #1 seed Spurs in 6 games, and I know that will motivate the Spurs into yet another trip to the NBA finals.

Winner Spurs in 6

Eastern Conference Finals: Miami Heat VS. Indiana Pacers

For those who thought Miami had problems against the physical bulls well these Indiana Pacers won’t be much different. Remember these Pacers are the same ones who caused the Heat so much trouble this time last summer, ultimately the Heat prevailed. I feel they will do the same this time around. Miami last season still had a bit of an identity crisis hindering their efficiency. Questions like: “Whose Batman and Robin???” “Is this Lebron’s or D-Wade’s team???” Well that is all but a thing of the past and barring a catastrophic tragedy. I see the Heat winning in 6. Not to mention the Pacers is only a 5 man team, 6 if you include D.J. Augustin coming off the bench. I just don’t think the Pacers have enough fire power in their arsenal to dismantle the Heat.

Winners Heat in 5 or 6

Well that’s all folks were getting closer to the Finale and a champ is closer to being crowned. Brace yourselves and enjoy the ride. Like always any rebuttals to my predictions tweet me @KardhiacThePoet and let your voice be heard.

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