(Article) BREAKING TRENDZ – Doeman

Written By: Alex Green Of Houston TREND

doeman4Fresh off the July 2014 release of The Gold Blooded LP, Doeman is ready to bring his ambitious lyrics to the world. Joseph Gonzales, who hails from the southeast side of Houston, TX, is ready to bring his DYNA movement mainstream. The 20-year-old Latin rapper has already amassed hundreds of thousands of plays on Soundcloud and YouTube, a large social media presence and has rocked multiple stages. Doeman is actually set out to break the stereotype of “Latin rap,” and wants to show he can go with the best of them. In 2013, a car accident ended a promising career in the boxing ring and nearly cost him his life. Now he won’t settle for less and is focused on his craft. In 2012, Doeman started putting out mixtapes and gained a name for himself in the streets of Houston. He credits his grandfather and father for introducing him to music and hip hop early in life. They played artists like Sunny Ozuna, The Temptations and golden age hip-hop like Slick Rick while he was growing up. He has created DYNA Music Group, which stands for Deprived Young Now Ambitious.

Houston TREND: What was your first experience doing music? How did you get started, and how did you put your passion into motion?

I was always freestyling as a kid. In middle school everyone was like this kid can freestyle. And when I first got in the studio I was a freshman in high school. And me and a homie got in the studio and made like 5 or 6 songs and put them on a blank CD and wrote our names down on them in marker and sold them around high school, trying to get our name out. He wasn’t as much into it as I was, but I kept going.

Doeman2Houston TREND: Can you elaborate on the accident that shaped your life and how did it influence your music?

I was in a rush to get to my brother’s tournament and ran across the street, being young and impatient. I didn’t see the truck and I guess the truck didn’t see me and got hit at 35 miles per hour and ended up in the hospital. While I was in the hospital, I realized a lot of things. During my recovery I thought about music and that this is my chance. If I could make it through that, I can make it through anything and how I should put my whole life into my passion.

Houston TREND: What does DYNA stand for? What exactly does it mean to you?

It stands for Deprived Young Now Ambitious. That means if you feel you were deprived in some type of way, now you are capable or making your own way, and you’re not going to take no for an answer. I don’t care what odds are put against you, you’re destiny is in your own hands. I want people to have that ambition in their soul. When they hear my music, I want them to get inspired.

Houston TREND: Growing up in Houston, how does that influence your music?

I listened to a lot of Houston artists growing up of course. I feel like Houston culture and music does have an impact on my music, but I also feel I have my own sound. Growing up my dad played other music from other areas too. I feel that I have a style that doesn’t just fit into one category.


Houston TREND: What is your musical style? What are you bringing?

I’m bringing the attitude of hip hop in general. I’m bringing lyricism, every form of hip hop, and something different you’ve never heard. I’m going to be spitting fire on any track that you give me.

Houston TREND: When you hit the stage, how do you get ready for a live performance?

I’ve been performing since I was 15. No one just comes out the best on stage. I’m still working on my performance. I read the crowd and see what they like and what they don’t like. I look up great performers and watch the way they perform. I don’t copy them, but I try and see how to move the crowd and work the stage. I feel like when you go out there you have to control the crowd. I’m not scared of any audience; I believe in my talent. I make them believe in my talent even if they haven’t heard of me. I do a lot of rehearsing and always pray with my team right before I hit the stage.

Houston TREND: How does being Latino affect your music, style, image and brand?

I feel like I am an artist first. I am proud to be Latino. I love who I am and love my culture. But, I feel that I am an artist that just happens to be Latino. And a lot of people don’t know that I really don’t even know that much Spanish. I feel hip hop really doesn’t have a color. People may try to put me in a box. I am in my own lane. I can compete with any artist, doesn’t really matter the color.

Houston TREND: What have you learned in the music industry so far?

There is no pity in this industry. They care if you deliver; especially the Houston market. Houston makes you have thick skin. The game has also taught me you can be hot one day and not the next. If you aren’t being consistent people with find something else that they like. You have to stay consistent, have quality and whatever you do separate yourself. It has taught me a lot about consistency and hard work.

Houston TREND: What does the Gold Blooded LP mean to you and what should it mean to others who listen?

Everything I’ve been working toward. Gold Blooded means we all came from kings. We are all kings and have gold in us and just have to let it show. You are a king and don’t let the world bring you down. You have to be strong. Life is about how you get up. I want to make people feel good about themselves and take pride in what they do. Thanks to my team we really got it accomplished. I’m really proud of it.

Houston TREND: How has your music progressed from your first mixtape?

I was never really thinking about branding when I first started. Now I have a brand and a team. We all put in work every day and really found a team that brings so much to the table. As far as lyrically and song making, I’ve gotten 100 times better. But that’s what you’re supposed to feel like. I feel like I am better and have a long way to go. From my first project to now, I feel like I have found my voice and found my lane.

Houston TREND: Where do you see your career going? What is your ultimate goal?

Winning a Grammy and going platinum. I want my mom to never work again. There’s really not anything else that matters to me. I’m in this to be one of the biggest artists in the world. I’m not going to stop until those things happen.

Doeman1Houston TREND: How are you working to reach outside of Houston and also outside of Texas?

My product speaks for itself. We’ve been through almost every major city here in Texas trying to spread the name. After we get Texas we’re definitely going to spread outside of the state. My team is going to do whatever it needs to do to work towards the goal of reaching a bigger audience.

Houston TREND: How do you feel about having your own station on Pandora?

I’m still overwhelmed by it. That was really my team and everybody working. You can’t be satisfied with just that. I want to get on XM radio. Even if the city doesn’t play me, I still have a way to get my music out. That was a blessing.

Houston TREND: What’s next?

I want to keep working on music and doing shows. I may be working towards dropping more music. Right now, the Gold Blooded LP is for sale on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play. We want everyone to have that name in their ear. It’s all about the hustle and you can’t ever stop.

Houston TREND: Where do you see yourself in a year or two from now?

I feel like my music should be out of the state and I want to take a great jump. I want to keep putting out quality music that will get that accomplished.

Houston TREND: What is your work ethic like?

The level of thinking how many rappers are in the game and what can I do that they aren’t doing. What move can I make that they haven’t made. I feel that how you carry yourself is what you will become. Whatever you think you are, you will become. You have to put in the work. I have to work on my lyrics, being in the streets and getting my music out everywhere. I’m going to continue to work as hard as I have been and even harder.

Houston TREND: What is the best piece of advice that you have gotten so far from someone that motivates you?

One of my homies said a wise person once told him “Before I share a cake with snakes, I’d rather treat myself to crumbs.” I feel that if you are working and there’s no loyalty in your circle and they aren’t working towards the same vision as you, you have to leave them alone. Don’t let people hold you back from your vision. Who you’re with can be your downfall or your uprising.