There’s an organization on the rise in Houston that’s giving a new meaning to the term LEGENDARY. A group of young entrepreneurs have banded together to show the next generation that your dreams are real and that being ‘Legendary’ is achievable.

CEO and Founder of LEGENDARY, Jarren Small, 25, graduated from Prairie View A&M University where he was Student Body President. During his time at PV not only was he in school and he was also running his own business, SmallzMedia. Small had peers that noticed his achievements and endeavors and supported him – deeming him “Legendary” hence the name of his current, non-profit.image1

“LEGENDARY is a generational influence for the youth. It’s the lifestyle brand for our generation to show them that there is a bridge that can be crossed. It’s the youth giving something back to the youth.”

Since it’s inception in late 2013, LEGENDARY has interviewed various influencers from all generations including Houston City Controller Ronald Green and the City of Houston Port Authority Commissioner, Theldon Branch as well as hip hop artist David Banner and Activist, AJ McQueen. The interviews (which are available on their website) were used to show audiences that great things can be achieved from everyday people and that success doesn’t always have a picture perfect beginning. In the past 2 years LEGENDARY has raised thousands of dollars that have been paid forward to the cities youth through engaging events, a citywide tour, and even scholarships.

One contribution to Jarren’s vision for LEGENDARY comes from his own story – which included being a troubled teen. Mr. Small talked about a time when he didn’t know what his future held after high school. He struggled with passing the Texas state test in which all students had to pass in order to graduate. “While everyone was walking around in their (prospective) college sweatshirts, I was worried that I wouldn’t be joining them.” Jarren overcame that obstacle and has since then become a reputable name as a businessman in Houston. He now uses LEGENDARY to find others that have similar stories to share in order to encourage the next generation to ‘keep pursuing their dreams’.

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