• (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
    (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
    Written by: Cecilia Smith
    “I wasn’t a producer first, I wasn’t a club DJ first; I learned how to chop and screw before anything else. That was the first thing I learned how to record,” - DJ Mr. Rogers.
    Written By: Kevin Keise of Houston TREND
    Have you ever wondered where this new age Houston music rooted from? I’m talking about the music that has grownups dancing in the clubs. I mean people have always danced in Houston clubs, but never to Houston music. The “Southside” by H-Town legend Lil KeKe was arguably […]

Around H-Tiiine: Ninja Ramen

Places, Resturants, Reviews 0 January 12, 2018 382 Niki Jones

Written By Louis Barragan:

 Winter decided to throw Houston a curveball this year by showing up, but that isn’t keeping us inside. So what is the best way to keep warm while enjoying a night out? A cocktail and some ramen at Ninja Ramen. Whether you want to pregame and get your belly full or you want a late-night snack, this place has you covered.

The atmosphere is right between a dive bar and a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Televisions around the small shop stream anime constantly and little touches like restroom markers with ninja masks keep you on your toes. Split right down the middle, the left side of the space has seating for groups to eat while the right side holds a bar with an impressive variety of whiskeys, sake, and imports. Trust the bartenders, they can give you suggestions or mix you up a surprise that is guaranteed to impress.

The no-frills menu makes it easy to assemble your meal with options for original broth, spicy, regular miso, or spicy miso. Filled with noodles, bamboo shoots, green onions, then topped with pork belly and egg, this filling bowling of deliciousness is guaranteed to warm you up. My go-to is the mazemen: a brothless bowl of noodles with a creamy garlic sauce that comes topped with green onion, nori, egg, and that amazing pork belly. Don’t be afraid to explore the options- everything that I have tried has been delicious- and be sure to read the entire menu to learn about the rich history of Ninja Ramen!

4219 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007
Hours: Closed Monday
Tues-Thurs 11AM-2AM
Friday 11AM-3AM
Saturday 6PM-3AM
Sunday 6PM-2AM

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