Houston has been the setting for some classic and well-known movies over the years including –Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, The Martian, Powder, Apollo 13, Urban Cowboy, Armaggedon, RoboCop 2 and Doug McHenry’s Jason’s Lyric. Although Houston makes number 15 on the list of best places for filmmakers to work and live by MovieMaker, according to a local filmmaker, Michelle Mower, it’s going to take more support and invested locals to help the film industry in Houston thrive. Michell Mower, director of The Preacher’s Sin, weighs in on the film dynamic of local talent and infrastructure to propel the industry. 

“For mid-tiered filmmakers like myself, who’ve achieved some level of success, there are very few resources that incentivize us to stay and build careers,” she says. “Lack of a real industry infrastructure, tax incentives and access to local media limit what a filmmaker in Houston can achieve locally. If Houston wants a Linklater or a Rodriguez-level filmmaker to work here, they must invest in local talent and infrastructure and get Houston media to pay closer attention to our stories.” –Movie Maker

With organizations such as Women In Film, Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP) and MFAH, filmmakers in Houston have avenues to assist with bringing their talents and aspirations to fruition and it’s only a matter of time before Houston makes it to #1 on the list. Well, at least top five.