• (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
    (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
    Written by: Cecilia Smith
    “I wasn’t a producer first, I wasn’t a club DJ first; I learned how to chop and screw before anything else. That was the first thing I learned how to record,” - DJ Mr. Rogers.
    Written By: Kevin Keise of Houston TREND
    Have you ever wondered where this new age Houston music rooted from? I’m talking about the music that has grownups dancing in the clubs. I mean people have always danced in Houston clubs, but never to Houston music. The “Southside” by H-Town legend Lil KeKe was arguably […]

Around H-Tiiiiine: Yokushi Robata

Articles, Features, Resturants, Reviews 0 June 10, 2018 196 Louis Barragan

Some nights the plans just do not call for a heavy meal. Good food in the stomach is always a smart choice before starting some weekend drinks, but the last thing you want is to have a brick in the belly on the dance floor. An excellent option for a satisfying meal that won’t weigh you down is Yokushi Robata.

Located near Greenway Plaza on Richmond, this restaurant is a great introduction to izakaya-style dining. An izakaya is a casual Japanese bar/pub that offers small plates and drinks. The atmosphere here is very casual with a youthful vibe. Japanese Pop and K-Pop play through big-screen TVs along with current hits.

Traditional skewers are served individually to offer patrons a variety of options in one sitting. The menu includes tame offerings like skewered chicken with teriyaki, sesame, and other recognizable sauces, but also provides for the more adventurous with options like quail egg, beef tongue, and chicken gizzards. The affordability of each skewer makes it great for sampling varieties of different proteins and veggies. The skewers might surprise you as they come out barely letting off steam yet burst with heat and potent grilled flavor when bitten into. The restaurant also offers fresh poke, pho, Tonkatsu, and noodles making it great for quick bites to start the night or full meals for the whole crew. Drinks are also available including imported Asian beers, wine, and local brews as well. For a calm, inviting dining experience that can expand the palate, get the night started, or provide introductions to new cultures Yokushi Robata is a must.


Yokushi Robata Location:
3837 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX 77027
Hours: Mon-Thurs 11AM-3PM, 5PM-10PM
Friday 11AM-3PM, 5PM-10:30PM
Saturday 12PM-3PM, 4:30PM-10:30PM
Sunday 12PM-3PM, 4:30PM-10PM

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