It’s one thing for sure, Northside recording artist God Body Bingo understands this game clearly. He knows that nothing moves if the money doesn’t. You have to take this game serious and it shows in his visual for “Talk Biz.”

First, God Body Bingo is still an up and coming so he doesn’t have a crazy budget like a mainstream artists. Second, he isn’t faking it until he makes it.

Although Bingo gives us the golden rule on this June James produced track, which is, “The game is to be sold not told,” he isn’t in the video flaunting what he doesn’t have. Instead, he and his Still Dreamin’ crew plot on how to really get. That’s the mind frame that optimizes what Still Dreamin’ is all about.

He and Oshotyou Flimz did an excellent job of establishing a ton of seriousness immediately.

The first shot has God Body Bingo in a tailor-made suit, sitting at the round table pressed for time. We know because, as any busy man, his first move is a glance at his watch. Some may look at that think nothing of it, but that’s what makes the Still Dreamin’ unique.

This video is the foundation or the preliminary stages of his career, but even still, it’s real. He’s let’s us know that this “rap stuff” isn’t a joke. When the rest of Still Dreamin’ crew enters the room, they all follow suit, literally and figuratively. When they walk in, they’re also tailor-made and you can see it in their facial expressions that they mean business. Nobody’s smiling at the table, nobody’s laughing , they’re sitting at the table dreaming, mapping out they’re future boss moves in hopes of conquering the rap game.

That’s what it’s about making boss moves. Majority of up and comers don’t get that, he does. Even on a minimal scale, he gets it. We know because the other scene takes place at the barbershop. We all know barbershop is where Black man congregates the most right? C’ mon stop playing with God Body Bingo.

“They say the game is to be sold not told, talking all bids
Can’t nobody fade me, except for Walt Wiz
And yeah I’m from tha Nawf but I be off Grid
So please don’t call my phone unless it’s bout biz
Man let’s talk biz, man let’s talk biz
Every move I make, be on some boss s**t.”