Besides national disasters, celebrity news is probably the most circulated content in urban culture. Whether it’s the TMZ style run up interviews, the Breakfast Club-like filmed radio interviews or finding out information from social media, the daily lives of high profile people are in high demand.

Bless Tha Belly, created and hosted by one of 979 The Box’s millennial creative directors Grundy Wiley, aka G-Mayniac, delivers celebrity news in a flavorful way. By creating a comfortable setting for stars, while indulging delicious foods at some of Houston’s finest restaurants, Bless Tha Belly gives consumers of the tasty news without the mess.

In only it’s two short years of existence, Wiley has gained 6,544 followers and dined at popular restaurants such as Bar Louie and some of the unfamiliar, but delectable places such as Burns Original Bbq. Bless Tha Belly has also featured major artists such as Kash Doll, A Chal and Houston legend Lil Ke Ke.

Not only is Bless Tha Belly a fast growing platform for celebrity information, but also a great marketing tool for growing food business. It’s very possible for G-Mayniac to select your restaurant, taste and review your food, but also bring a celebrity to your joint and have it viewed by Bless Tha Belly 65 hundred followers. The power of social media sharing is definitely most effective way of promotion and Bless Tha Belly can be your way of reaching more people and growing your business.

For more information on Bless Tha Belly, you can of course follow their Instagram, shown above, and to see more full episodes and future episodes of the show, you can subscribe to the Bless Tha Belly YouTube channel.