Marvin Atkins: Houston’s Notbale Brand Specialist (@CEOSuperVision)

When it comes to accumulating your maximum success, sometimes it’s not about what you’re selling, but how you sell yourself. Most times, consumers support the things that they like, rather than what’s best on the market. Why? Because of the brand. According to Small Biz Trenz, 55 percent of buyers prefer shopping with brands over retailers. If you’re in Houston and you need some assistance on brand development, Marvin “Luck” Atkins is your guy.

“I am able to assist with providing a solid foundation for the business structure, help find and reach their target market, also help individuals, as well as companies, expand their brands to a broader audience,” said Luck.

From Chicago but currently residing in Houston, Atkins is making a name for himself as a strong brand influencer. After getting his bachelor’s in marketing from Michigan Techincal University, Luck traveled across the United States, gaining experience as an entertainment consultant. The knowledge he learned has led him to create one of the fast-growing management/marking firms in Houston.

His services includes: consultation, management (all forms) marketing (all forms) photos
videos websites, and event curation (planning to execution).

So far, his company CEO SuperVision has already represented A-List celebrities, provided jobs and interns, and has become one of the go-to firms in the Houston entertainment business.

“I have always had a passion for the entertainment business at a very young age,” said Atkins. “However, it was not until I went to Michigan Technological University until I decided to pursue this dream (2006). I began working with individuals and brands to assist with marketing them, building their brands, and speaking on their behalf from a management perspective.”

His clients include: Dj Asap, Dj Lyve of 106 and Park, Aysia Garza of Bad Girls Club, famous radio personality Rudy Rush, O.G Ron C, the Sauce Twinz, and the list goes on.

His reputation has also given him the clout to do business with moguls such as Karen Civil and the late Nipsey Hussle. He was able to book them and bring them out to Houston.

“It’s just a statement of the work I put in with CEO SuperVision,” said Luck. “I was in New York and was able to meet Dj Lyve of 106 and Park. We spoke on a few occasions, and I was able to get him booked in Houston. From then on, we began working on events, and I moved into a management role for him. That was when I landed my first major client. The rest is history.”

As of now, Luck has a strong presence in the music world, but soon, he plans on diversifying the company. He wants to expand in the sports field, film industry, fashion, and real estate.

“I have already been implementing many practices to transition into other fields of work. With taking on many clients in the fields in which I plan to transition,” said the brand specialist. “Each field is a new challenge, and I look for them daily. I have always been a visionary and a leader. With the direction I am headed, I will be able to expand the company. Which in doing so will provide more job opportunities as well as open new doors for many to follow. ”

Currently, Marvin and his company, CEO SuperVision, is planting his seed in this marketing world. Starting in the Chi and now in the H, eventually, Luck plans on having his company go global.

For more on Luck and CEO SuperVision, you can follow him on Instagram at CEOSUperVision.

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