Maryland-rapper Logic is calling out of the most internationally known labels, Def Jam for not paying Lil Keke what he’s owed.

The newly-retired rapper dropped his sixth and final album, No Pressure, which features Houston-legend, Lil Keke on the single entitled “man I is”.  The single samples Pimp C’s “Knockin Doorz Down”, a 2006 Houston classic which features Lil Keke and P.O.P.

In a recent tweet on October 2,2020, Logic shared his frustrations about the New York Label. “Yo @defjam can you please pay Lil Keke his fucking money …” the Maryland native tweeted. “That’s my bro, don’t be fuckin up my relationships man! He been professional and patient! Pay the man god damn!!!!”

This comes as no surprise as many label powerhouses are under the same scrutiny for not giving their artists or their contributors proper payment. However, Def Jam is slowly starting a history with not paying their artists’ features. Lil Wayne still hasn’t received payment from the label after his feature with Logic for his “Perfect” remix verse. Logic tweeted, “…Def Jam ain’t tryin a pay @LilTunechi his fee so I guess the perfect remix aint coming out…. owe a few of my folks they money honestly.”

As for the Houston-legend, Keke hasn’t responded.