Comedienne Jess Hilarious a comedic hit @HoustonImprov Comedy Club

Instagram star turned comedienne, Jessica Moore aka JessHilarious, ripped the comedy stage of the Houston Improv. From Tues to Thurs she performed. I had the pleasure of attending her show on Thursday and Jess is as funny in person as she is on Instagram. When you can stand amongst an audience of fans expecting you to be as funny as your social media persona and keep the crowd laughing the entire time, you know you’re about that comedy life!

Her set was nothing short of hilarious (no pun intended). Jess w/the mess brought all the personality from her IG to the stage and killed it! She brought the funny, sass and hood all in true Baltimore fashion. Those three nights, Jess became apart of Houston and we welcomed her with open arms. This being my first time seeing a comic from IG, I wasn’t skeptical about the show being entertaining. I knew Jess would deliver and she did. From jokes about her family, the cracks about herself (I’m handsome though) to embarrassing her boyfriend Chris and his cheating ways, she kept it real and the real is always funny. That “RI (not quite Rich yet so she just RI) bish” had the entire Houston Improv lit with laughter. It was a great show and to see someone I watch on IG glow up in every possible way and kill their craft, was amazing. If you missed her show, you missed a good time. Keep glowing up Jess.

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