Keanu Livigni Is A Master Of Designs

When it comes to being a creator, it’s a must that you have detailed visualizations to match the messages you’re trying to convey to your audience.

Whether it’s from business cards, flyers, cover arts, music videos, logos or photoshoots, Keanu Livigni from Houston is the perfect go-to guy. Most graphic designers know the essentials to make a decent graphic, but Livigni has a creative touch that could bring your graphic to life. It’s true because he’s one of the few who knows how to add animations to graphics.

Working out of Studio 713, customers can come and consult with Livigni, come up with a concept and literally watch your idea come to life.

To contact him, search @Keanu_Livigni on Instagram and he’ll get swiftly get back at you.

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