I don’t think there’s a more confident person than Scrap of Laced Fam. I’m talking beyond music. It clearly seems like whatever this guys says, he in fact believes it to be true and that’s why this “Pull Out” video is next level.

Super director Michael Artis did a great job capturing the charismatic vibe the of the trio of Scrap, Shots and Fritz. These guys are active and attractive and it shows. Scrap’s first lines as he steps out of the BMW laced in Red Bottoms and a dapper Burberry crew sweater is:

“Tryna call my line, baby girl you gotta pay, I can make 10 thousand dollars in a day.”

Who knows if that’s true or not, but from the video, how can one argue that it’s not? He has three foreign cars present, he bust out the bands, and he has on at lest 100 thousand worth jewelry on. If Scrap said he was a millionaire, who would doubt him? Watch “Pull Out” below.