Typically when you’re on the run, and hopefully, none of my readers are, but the best advice is to be lowkey, while still being active. No Fritz of Laced Fam is not on the run, but he’s applying that same street discipline to his rap career.

Before 2019, we haven’t heard from Fritz, the guy with the bread and the dreads, for a minute. As you can see that meant nothing, the man has still been active. Linking up with two of the hottest artists in the city, DSD1 Yung Ruler and Gas Gang Lil Jairmy is such a massive move for Fritz.

The video shot by Book Bag, precisely demonstrates how a real street figure would move if he were ducking 12. Staying lowkey, but still getting to it. It shows the trio clearly in the hood, papered up with heavy artillery and still having street support, as you can see a cameo from Hell Cat Marley in the video.

“On The Run” is an excellent way for Fritz to rejuvenate his music career. Ruler been making noise in Houston and Lil Jirmy is receiving a tremendous amount of attention from Atlanta’s major, Lil Baby. Although, Fritz doesn’t have a verse on this track, he delivers a masterful melodic hook. 

Just in about a week, the video is nearly at 1k views and still doing numbers. So I take that back, Fritz is on the run. He’s on the run to the top of the rap game. Check out the video below.