Houston native Don Toliver has one of the most distinctive styles hip-hop has ever seen or hasn’t seen. How can anyone describe this guy’s style because just like the title of his new track, I have no idea?

“No Idea,” which he recorded with audio engineer Ryan Mellow, in what he calls the “Millennium Falcon,” also known as Studio 713, will be the introduction to his new album RESSURRECTION.

If anyone has been following the Alief native, he’s been branding this new “Ghost” persona, or alter ego, which is a perfect description from the platinum artist. Please, don’t take offense by this, but despite all of this man’s musical geniuses and accolades, it seems like nobody still knows who Don Toliver is, or do they?

We all know Cactus Jack has a cult-like following, we all seen what Travis did to the world, maybe this is Don doing the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a million plus Don Toliver super fans right now. We all know and appreciated him for boding Travis’ “Can’t Say,” as the record recently received platinum praises, but it’s no telling what else Don has secretly done in the music industry.

Even in this video, Don is moving like a tripped out ghost. Rarely showing his face, stumbling through the late night, clearly off the drugs and a wonderful time. Check out “No Idea” below.