Nineaux Drops Video For “Bloodline”

Now it’s spelled Nineaux, put it’s pronounced “Nino,” and although he’s a hybrid artist who raps and produces, he didn’t produce his latest track. Nineaux, who fully embraces his Louisiana roots, got a fire beat from super producer Cash Money Ap  and he slide on his new track, “Bloodline.”

Nineaux, is from Missouri City, but if you watch is new video, “Bloodline,” his Louisiana origins is quite obvious. He sort of went retro Soulja Slim, not with the music, with the video influence. He outside his right outside the spot in plain clothes, rapping the real. Over the smooth production from AP, Nineaux switches back and forth with his normal cadence and his auto-tuned flow to rap his reality, his family, and his upbringing. 

He opens the track with, “Coming from the bottom, tryna make it to the f****n top, livin’ by the code, they be snitchin’, I can’t trust no opp. Money kind of low, so we bout to go and hit the block. Disrespect my manhood, move around are you gone get popped.”

“Bloodline” is the newest track from Nineaux, check it out below. If you enjoy what you hear and you want more information on this artist, follow him on Instagram at Nineauxtrm.


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